Hanoch Piven – Defender of the Playful

when we play we are free

“When we play,” says Hanoch Piven, “we are free.”

Fortunately, there are other people in this world besides me who have devoted much of their life to practicing the art of playfulness – who teach, demonstrate, manifest, explore, devote art and heart to play – and who understand the political implications of all the aforementioned. Hanoch Piven is one such. And one of the things he has to teach is that of all the arts, few are as perfectly suited to manifesting the spirit and practice of playfulness as the art of collage.

Watch, therefore, this:


Since 2003, Piven has been conducting creative workshops. These workshops apply the principles of Piven’s collage technique, prompting children and adults to experiment with common everyday objects and create their own works of art. Apart from being an easy and fun way to experience creativity, the workshops have been embraced by educators, art therapists and management consultants as an efficient tool for communicating through play.

Piven has also taught and lectured in many Art Schools around the world such as China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, Art Center of Design in Pasadena, Sheridan College in Toronto and Instituto Europeo di Design in Rome, SCAD in Savannah, Bezalel and Shenkar in Israel and more.

And last but not least, Piven is active in the field of Education, as Creative Director of Aulas Creativas, an online community of educators in Spain, and as a lecturer and conductor of creativity and communication workshops with students, teachers and parents.

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Hanoch Piven, Defender of the Playful

Defender of the Playful

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