You gotta give a hand to the inventor of Handy. It’s a hand game. Probably the only commercial hand game around, that goes hand-in-hand with games like “Cat’s Cradle.” On the other hand, when playing Handy, you use only one hand to play the game. And yet, you need a hand for your hand of cards. So it’s not a one-hand game. Unless someone can spare a hand to turn your cards over.

It’s a handy game to have whenever you have a handful of people. Hand-in-hand with this, it was designed by a man named “Handy.” Chris Handy.

Games Taster Marc Gilutin said something like “this is one of those games that the Major FUN Award was invented for.” Marc is a very handy person to have in a Games Tasting.

You turn over a card, and that tells you what finger to use. The next guy turns over his card, and that tells him what finger to use. And then you and the next guy simply hold a ball between those two fingers. And then, if there’s, for example, only three of you playing, then the guy next to you and the gal next to him do the same thing – each pick a finger card and then hold a ball between them. And then she handily does the same thing with you. New fingers. New ball. New cards. Turn after turn after turn. One more ball. Two more fingers. And all you have to do is make sure you don’t drop anything. Eventually, as marketing VP of SimplyFun so glibly informed me, ultimately it proves to be “more fun than you can handle.”

Yup. Major FUN. Party Fun. Twister for the hands? Hmm. You could have something there….

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  1. This game is a blast for all ages, It was taken to a youth activity and we couldn’t get the leaders to stop playing at the end of the night.

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