Haba Technics

Haba Technics

Some genius-level, child-wise engineers at Haba have come up with an innovative addition to your assortment of well-crafted Haba building blocks. An innovation that proves to be a most enticing invitation for your young (suggested ages 3-10), genius-level engineers. They call it Haba Technics.

As you can see from the illustration, it’s another set of wooden blocks, some of which look like your standard but always playworthy wooden blocks, others of which are more vehicular in appearance. As you can also see there’s a collection of plastic add-ons – wheels and connectors that allow kids to attach things to wooden blocks, and blocks to each other – securely enough to withstand gleeful abandon, yet not so sturdy at to prevent impressively sudden deconstruction upon impact.

In addition to the connectors for joining blocks, there are wheel sets that not only allow your child to transform blocks into smoothly-rolling wheeled vehicles of satisfyingly transporting capabilities, but also function as pulleys for the creation of things that whirl about as your child rolls her vehicle-like constructs from hither to yon. The two yellowish pieces you see attached to the wheel in their ready-to-spin-around configuration can also be used like trailer hitches, snapping on to the bottom of a wheel-and-axle set and connecting to a second wheelset.

There are enough wheels and blocks to make several different vehicles, firetrucks, race cars, impossibly fanciful rolling constructs which can be raced against each other or rolled into each other with sufficient ferocity to guarantee satisfying collisions.

Haba Technics is compatible with other Haba block sets, significantly extending the range of play activities possible in both sets. Even if a child already has every block set that Haba makes, or none, the Haba Technics set invites the exercise of new skills, adds new levels interest and encourages the development of new fantasies to explore.

If we haven’t yet made it clear, we found Haba Technics to be Major Fun, significantly and brilliantly.

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