Gluddle made me laugh. Several times. Out loud. I don’t know if it was because all these eyeball things say “oi” whenever they hit something. or each other.  Or what a great sound they make in chorus. Not the qvetchy oi. But the somewhat Australian oi. Though I made the qvetchy oi, many times. Let me tell you.

So, there are these Gluddle (the plural of Gluddle is Gluddle). Yes, they most definitely look like eyeballs. And you kind of point them in the direction that you want them to go. And a curve of semi-balls shows you the direction they will most likely go. And then you tap, and off they go, bouncing and oi’ing around, bouncing off each other, bouncing off walls and things, until they bounce off the screen entirely. What you hope most is that they bounce into these large, target-looking things that also look like eyeballs, but are called the “Supervision,” which immediately makes you want to destroy them.

These Supervision (the plural of Supervision being Supervision) can get pretty mean. They can freeze your Gluddle, which is always a bad thing, even though you get a lot of Gluddle. I mean a lot, I mean you get an endless supply of Gluddle!  So you can fill your screen with Gluddle after Gluddle after Gluddle and you can’t really lose. You just get a lower and lower score. But eventually you figure things out, and on to the next challenge (there are 102, count them. levels). Strategery-wise, you can also tap one of your Gluddle while they are in mid bounce, and, like the Supervisions, freeze a Gluddle. But, unlike the Supervision-frozen Gluddle, you can unfreeze any of your self-frozen Gluddle. Frozen Gluddle can be very good things, because your free Gluddle bounce off of them, and a well-timed freeze can cause an equally well-timed bounce into, well, see, it’s a puzzle, a physics game, and there’s a lot to figure out, and the thing is, you can’t lose, and it makes you laugh. Oi, the sheer Majorness of the fun!

Gluddle is brought to your iPad,-pod and -phone courtesy of Creative Heroes. It was by created by Richard van Tol and Sander Huiberts. It is fun. Major Fun. It will make you laugh. It will keep you playing. It will make you laugh some more.



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