GiftTRAP, virtually yours

If you happened to find yourself in such a position, and you wished to express, materially, in a virtual-sort of way, your personal appreciation for my ongoing existence, you might very well wish to send me a gift of some sort – especially if it didn’t cost you anything. The question remains, however, what to get me. I’ve narrowed it down to: Pottery Classes, a Digital Camcorder, and a dress-up outfit. As an added incentive, if you happen to choose the one I really, really, really wanted most in the world, given only those three choices, you’d get three thumbs-up points and so would I! So, see, I really do want you to guess the one I really want, because then we both gets thumbs-up points. So the game is about giving each other things, things that’d be nice to be able to give each other, virtual, no-cash-value gifts that nonetheless are genuine acts of thoughtfulness.

This is GiftTRAP Live, Virtual GiftTRAP, yes, the Major FUN award-winning GiftTRAP of that very same name. Only, it’s online now, and it’s all grown-up into a game for online social networks, if you know what I mean.

On the one hand, it’s a kind of an eCard, so to speak, a nice virtual thing you can send people. Way more personal than a joke. Just as much fun. On the other hand, it’s a great way to start that “what do you really want for your birthday, or holidays” conversation. So it’s like Web 2.0, see, interpenetrating virtual and actual space.

Now that you know that I’d actually prefer the dress-up outfit, you know where to shop for me. And you can shop online, even. And it’s like one of those Mass Multiplayer Online Games you sometimes read about, like Second Life, only the life on GiftTRAP’s stage is kinder and gentler and more fun.

It behooves me to admit to a personal interest in this project. It was a comment I made back to the Nick from GiftTRAP that kicked off this whole project, and I’ve been lucky enough to kibitz on various iterations of this game as its evolved.

Which is why I get to be the first to blog about it going live.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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