GiftTRAP – a kinder kind of party game

GiftTRAP is a party game about giving each other gifts. The better you are at giving people the things they really want, the better you do at the game.

How do you like that for a party game premise? giving each other presents.

Well, we loved it!

What fun to think about what other people might want for a present! What a fun thing to think about for a change! What a fun way to play with other people – giving presents to the very people you’re trying to beat, winning because you’re good at guessing what other people might want!

OK, so they’re not, like, real presents. They’re only photos. But in the world of GiftTRAP, they’re real enough. So real enough that you actually get excited when people give you the gifts you really want. Really excited. Even though they get more points than you do. And you’re just as excited when you give people the gifts they most really wanted. Because they get excited. And, just maybe because you get more points than they do.

GiftTRAP is masterfully packaged. The board, for example, is folded into a U-shape that fits everso well into the GiftTRAP box (well, cube, actually). Since each player has to use a lot of different pieces (2 scoring markers, 9 gift tokens, and 4 choice tokens), all of the player’s chosen color; the pieces come in their own individual, appropriately colored organza drawstring bags. Then there are the many decks of cards – 640 of them. Just so you never run out of something new to give each other.

But it’s the game itself that deserves the most attention, and praise. Praise, because it’s probably the first and only party game in which empathy is a strategically valuable commodity, empathy and intuition, sensitivity and appreciation, even.

GiftTRAP is a new kind of party game. A kinder kind. A Major FUN kind.

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