Ghost Blitz

Ghost BlitzThis is the story of a ghost named Balduin who loves taking pictures of the items he haunts, but who cannot get the colors right.

Ghost Blitz is a speed grabbing game. There are five objects that rest in the middle of the play area: a red chair, a blue book, a green bottle, a grey mouse, and a white ghost (Balduin himself). A deck of 60 cards tells you what object to grab. Each card contains a picture of two of the items.

Complication #1: at least one item in the picture is the wrong color. Players try to grab the item that is the correct color. First to grab the right item gets the card. Grabbing the wrong item incurs a penalty (more on that in a minute).

Complication #2: some cards (many cards actually) don’t have anything that is correct. When this occurs, players must grab the one item that is NOT pictured and whose color is not on the card. The first player to grab the correct item gets the card. A wrong choice incurs a penalty.

Major Fun AwardThe penalty for a wrong choice is to give one of your cards to the winning player. If you don’t have any cards it means you are losing and you have to shamefully mutter, “I don’t have any cards to give you…”

The game comes with an optional complication called Ghost Shout. In this case, any time the book appears on the card, players have to shout the name of the correct item. Grabbing when you should shout is considered a failure and incurs a penalty.

Perusing the rules takes all of 2 minutes and then you are too busy shouting and grabbing and laughing to notice the time slipping away. The pieces are solid and colorful and cute (although sometimes hard on your fingers). Major Fun.

For 2-8 players, ages 8+

Ghost Blitz was designed by Jacques Zeimet and © 2010 by Zoch. It is available in the U.S. from Lionrampantimports.

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