Games that Make You Laugh

Recently, in my attempts to communicate quickly and clearly with various game manufacturers about the kinds of games that are candidates for Major Fun Awards, I’ve started to use the term “Games that Make You Laugh.”

Clearly, this leaves out a lot of games that have already received a Major Fun award. Clearly, major fun is something that is experienced just as much in Games that Make You Think and Games that Make You Lose Track of Time and Games that Make You Like People….

But, in the bigger picture of game awards and recognition schemes, nobody else really singles out games that make people laugh. And, as Major Fun, Defender of the Playful, it is my duty and destiny to Be the One.

And, frankly, those are the games I like the best, the games that make people laugh, aloud, alot.

Maybe it’s the times. Maybe it’s me. But, until further notice, it’s what Major Fun is all about – games that make you laugh

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