Games Above Board – An interview with designer/entrepreneur Martin Samuel

I was contacted by Martin Samuel of a company called Games Above Board. As I looked at his site, I got the impression that this game company was created by someone with a real passion for fun. I responded to his email, asking to know more about him, and his games. His response very much confirmed my suspicions:

Born and raised in Kenya, without the dubious benefit of TV, my Grandmother taught me all the classics (chess, draughts/checkers, backgammon, Ludo/Parchcheesi, Monopoly, Scrabble and any number of card games) and, as an only child, I played games with adults more often than with kids my own age.

It was a 1994 New Year’s Day Resolution to accomplish something (anything) and by 07.01.94 I self-published Eclipse, my first 2-player abstract strategy board game, which went on to become Hijara courtesy of the now defunct Great American Trading Co. and listed in Games Magazine Top 100. Here’s what the The Scottish Boardgames Association have to say.

My company, Games Above Board is a shop-window for my creativity and its wares are (possibly) for the enjoyment of others. I am also a drummer (professional for 20 years) and (published/recorded) lyricist. One of my song co-writes, “Turn To Me”, is soon to be released on a new CD by my co-writer Lisa Nemzo.

My company’s goals: It (hopefully) may inspire others to look within themselves, find their own forté and pusue such as, there is no guarantee of financial reward but in doing so, the sure sign of success is the satisfaction… and happiness happens!

And you may quote me on the following:

What is the yardstick of your success? I measure mine in happiness.

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