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Every now and then I receive a game that narrowly misses being “Major Fun.” Frequently, it’s because of a minor oversight – something unclear in the rules, some small problem with the packaging, or a minor flaw in the layout of the board or graphics. Because I do not write negative reviews, and because I only consider published games as I receive them, I find myself simply shaking my head, and donating the games to some good cause in the hopes that they’ll be able to make better use of them.


Designing and developing games is sometimes an arduous task. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to get a new and fresh perspective on the implementation of a design. Even after multiple play tests, an informed, unbiased, expert evaluation is a valuable and essential asset to the design process before the game goes into production.

Major Fun can provide guidance in the following stages of the development process:

  • Design evaluation – Before your game is in production, I will review it in depth, looking specifically for minor changes in the rules and in the design of the principle components of the game that will significantly impact the overall playability of the game.
  • Implementation evaluation – Before the components and packaging are finalized, I will examine every aspect of the game and come up with specific recommendations for improving the components, making them easier to use and understand and more consistent with the game theme and purpose.
  • Implementation development – Once the game concept and mechanics are finalized and prototypes have been developed, I will recommend refinements to all aspects of the game to help assure high replay value.
  • Design development – Once the overall concept is defined and the game mechanics specified, I will help refine the basic design to assure age-appropriateness and ease of learning.
  • Preliminary design – While you are still in the early stages of developing a game concept, I will work closely with you to develop several alternative, innovative, preliminary designs which effectively embrace the initial concept.

In each case, I will be working closely with your design and development team, via voice and email, submitting periodic reports as needed, responding to concerns as they arise.

Please let me know how I can assist you in developing even more Major-Fun-award-worthy games in the future.

Bernie DeKoven

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