Fit To Print

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Thistleville is a small place, but there’s something newsworthy happening around every corner.

Authorities Suspect Fowl Play in Missing Hen Case

Foxes Trot at Local Dance

Rats Ruin Restaurant Rep

Local newspapers are scrambling to scoop the up the latest stories and bring daily editions to critter citizens from all across the town.

You are an editor of one such paper, working hard to layout your edition and get it onto newsstands with the best combination of stories, photos, and ads. No layout will be perfect but you have three days and three editions to publish, grabbing the best tiles from a sea of stories on the table hoping to fill each front page with all the news that is Fit to Print.

Fit To Print

D: Peter McPherson
A: Ian O’Toole
P: Flatout Games
1-6 Pl  | 15-30 min | ages 10+ | MSRP 39.99 | BGG Entry
Time to Teach/Learn: 5 minutes

Full show notes on all the segments are available at The Spiel.

Music credits include:

Typewriter Song | the song

Squirrel Run | the song

The History of Arab | the song

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