Extreme Dot to Dot 7 Poster Set

I’ll admit that any time I see the word “dot-to-dot” my brain goes a little fuzzy and I think how fun it might be to count the sand in the sandbox. But MindWare has provided me with at least two reasons to reconsider my position. Exhibit Number One: Get the Picture (see review here).

Exhibit Number Two: Extreme Dot to Dot 7 Poster Set Rainforest Animals.

I still find the title silly. When I think of extreme dot to dot I imagine following a set of points across an active volcano. The extreme in this case refers to the number of dots contained in each picture. Many of these poster-sized puzzles consisted of over 3000 dots that often connected in surprising ways.

Extreme Frogextreme parrot

The pictures are dynamic and wonderfully detailed.

The large number of dots allows for interesting contours and shapes, many of which fold back on each other to create a sense of depth and texture. With so many dots, the finished picture is virtually impossible to know until you have connected a significant portion of the dots. There is a wonderful sense of mystery and surprise that comes with making lots of small lines. Even when the overall picture is known, new details are fun to discover.

Another interesting surprise came from just leaving the poster out on the dining room table. Folks would gather around to connect portions of the picture together—sometimes staying for several minutes and sometimes connecting a few and then coming back to connect a few more. The whole event had the feel of a family jigsaw puzzle (although, thankfully, it came together a lot faster).


Coloring the poster was another interesting aspect—one that appealed to some but not others. The product created by connecting the dots resembled a paint-by-numbers only without the color suggestions. Coloring in the discrete sections and contours added another layer of discovery to the process.

Frog and parrot coloring by the Strohm family.

Major Fun (despite my early skepticism).

For 1+ humans, ages 8+

Extreme Dot to Dot Poster Sets are © 2010 by MindWare.

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