Expansions of Note

Word on the Street and Reverse Charades are two of our favorite games. Both received Major Fun awards. Both are keepers.

If you have not played these games then get on it!! For those of you who have played, more than likely you have shuffled through the standard decks of cards enough that some of the novelty has worn off (along with the plastic finish on the cards). Well, lucky for us, both games have come out with expansion packs.

Word on the Street

Out of the Box Games

Word on the Street is a fantastic word game that plays like tug-of-war. The expansion pack comes with 216 double sided cards, a handy card tray, and a new sand timer (in case your old one got submerged in coffee—don’t ask). The cards refresh the categories so that long time players can’t rely on tried-and-true answers that newbies haven’t had time to commit to memory.

If you have played Word on the Street enough to commit best-answers to memory, then you might want to take some time to walk out into the sunlight before diving into this expansion.

Reverse Charades


Reverse Charades has come out with three theme-based expansions: Girls’ Night In, Sports, and Holidays. Each box contains over 200 double-sided cards related to the appropriate theme. Holidays will appeal to a wide audience. Sports looks to appeal to a specific sub-set of the population. Girls’ Night In at first seems designed to exclude men, but although the cards are themed around traditional “girl” roles, the selling point for this expansion is that a portion of proceeds go to support breast cancer research and treatment.

Purchasing the base Reverse Charades game also supports children’s hospitals, so if you buy the base and the pink expansion, you can feel doubly generous. That will help to restore some dignity the next time you have to act out “bikini wax” in front of your closest friends.

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