Erasable, Twistable Crayons

Markers may be all things bright and beautiful for graphic artists and meeting facilitators, but for creative work and play, nothing beats the color and sketch-like informality of Crayons. Recently, the Crayola company has come up with Erasable Twistable Crayons – the first truly executive crayon.

Encased in clear plastic that lets you twist up more color as the tip wears down, the Erasable Twistable crayon is clean and easy to handle, never needs sharpening (because the colorful wax insert is long and thin), and doesn’t look like the ubiquitous crayon. This is the key element that makes this new crayon so executive-worthy, it has a fun, yet more “corporate” appearance than the crayons you used as a child. Frankly, it’s a little difficult to maintain your position as meeting facilitator when you bring out you tusty box of 64. But when you bring out your Erasable Twistables, why, there’s no question that this is in deed a facilitative tool, and something that can’t be mistaken for a child’s toy. Even though it is.

The Erasable Twistable Crayon gets a Major FUN Award because it extends the wonderful fun of Crayolas into the adult world, where it is so sorely needed. And it’s erasable. And twistable, too.

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