Easy Come, Easy Go, is easy fun

Easy Come, Easy Go is a dice game that starts out as fun, and keeps on being fun until the very end. It’s easy to understand, easy to play, and takes maybe an easy 5-10 minutes for a round. And it’s easily one of the best dice games on the market.

It’ll remind you of Yahtzee, but you’ll be wrong. There are 4 dice, and yes, you try to roll them so that they get to a certain total or so they’re two of a kind or all of a kind, in a most Yahtzee-like manner. Except that there are only 4 dice. And the dice are numbered from 0 to 5 instead of 1-6. And once you choose not to re-roll a die, you can’t roll it again on the next turn. But that’s not really what makes this little dice game so much fun.

It’s the “prizes” (9 of them, printed on thick card stock). Each prize describes a different dice combination (like “7 exactly” or “3 of a kind, all dice odd”.) Your goal is to get three of those prizes, and keep them until it is your turn again. Of course, all prizes remain in play, even though you’ve staked your claim to one or several. And therein lies the Easy Go, and the deliciously painful fun of watching someone else take one of your cards. So you really never know who wins until the very last moment. And because it’s so easy to understand, it’s Major FUN, especially for families.

Nice dice cup, too.

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