Dots even more amazing

Might I suggest that before you read further you refer to a review I wrote about two years ago, called “Dot’s Amazing“? Apparently, I just might.

Today, I am pleased to inform you that since that review or Dot-to-Dotty friend David Kalvitis has produced an impressively playworthy passel of new, and arguably more amazing Dot-to-Dot books, introducing yet more puzzling works of dot-connecting art.

With his most recent additions, the variety of puzzles now includes: 2 page spreads with up to 1,490 dots, ABC Sets where you have to connect labeled sets in numerical order,  Alpha Dots where, instead of Dots, you connect words in alphabetical order; the significantly challenging Arrows puzzles where you navigate thru an entire page of arrows, the often exacerbating Compass puzzles where you connect dots according to compass directions (make one mistake and you’re likely to find yourself connecting the dots on your walls), the Symbols puzzles where you connect different sets of symbols, and the Numbers puzzles where you find yourself attempting to connect an entirely dotless page of many, many numbers.

If you haven’t tried any of his amazing Connect-the-Dots puzzles, don’t worry, no matter which of his now 10 different books you purchase, you will find yourself gleefully connected to a series of satisfying and always surprising challenges that redefine the very nature of the Connect-the-Dots puzzle. If you have already gone through a book or two or several many, then you’ll need no further incentive to explore his latest contribution to Connect-the-Dotly lore. Kalvitis’ puzzles are no mere child’s play (though some mere children might think so), they’re art. And they’re fun, too.

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