Don’t Rock the Boat!

Don’t Rock the Boat is a game of balance and dexterity. It’s for kids 5 and up. And, depending on the steadiness of your hand and mind at the time, you can play, too.

There are 16 very cute plastic penguin pirates. There’s a boat: a three-masted, pirate-ship-like boat, hollow, of course, plastic, of similar course; balanced rather precariously on a plastic wave. Before the game begins, someone sets the boat upon its wave, and the players then distribute the plastic pirate penguins equally. If the number of players results in an extra penguin or two, those penguins are thrown mercilessly into the box for the duration of the game.

Players then take turns placing their plastic pirate penguins anywhere on the boat. Those Crows’ Nests topping each mast are most inviting, but, as you can plainly see, only the center Crows’ Nest can be occupied without risking tippage. The safest place to place one’s plastic pirate penguin is near the base of the central mast. But even that proves to be a precarious plastic penguin pirate placement, nonetheless.

Tippage-risking is the name of the game. Well, actually, “boat-rocking” is perhaps a term more in keeping with the theme. The thing is, it’s very easy to rock the boat, and even one poorly placed plastic pirate penguin can be all it takes to upset things irrevocably.

Of all the games of balance and dexterity, Don’t Rock the Boat offers by far the largest and most varied plethora of plastic penguin pirate platforms and other surfaces upon one can try one’s dexterous balancing skills.

There’s nothing in the rules preventing a player from attempting to place two plastic pirate penguins concomitantly. I’m just saying.

Not recommended for the easily frustrated, but highly recommended for its Major Funnyness. Easy to learn. Takes maybe 5 minutes to play, or, in my case, 30 seconds. Funny. And, with great focus and skill, one can succeed in accommodating a surprising amount of plastic pirate penguins aboard the perilous poised privateer.


Fun for many reasons. From Patch Products.

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