Dixit 2

Dixit is a Major Fun award-winning party game. We summed up our review as follows: “Designed by Jean-Louis Roubira, with art by Marie Cardouat, Dixit invites strategic thinking, sensitivity and, most importantly, creativity. And for people who possess all these strengths, Dixit proves to be Major FUN.”

Dixit 2 is essentially an expansion set of 84 more beautifully and evocatively illustrated cards. As such, it makes a Dixit even more compelling, successfully resolving any concern that, as a result of repeated play, the game might get “old,” the players becoming too familiar with the collection of images.

Party, Famly Major Fun awardThe fully expanded Dixit takes the game to a new level. The key to playing the game is to be able to give a hint as to which image you’ve selected in such a way that at least one player, but not all, will be able to identify it in a line up of other images. With the fully expanded Dixit, and so many visionary images to choose from, the game inspires new levels of creativity and subtlety.  There’s such a wealth of such wonderfully imagined fantasies, that somehow the game itself becomes something to treasure.

On the other hand, if you don’t have Dixit, and know someone who does, you can learn the rules and make the rest yourself. Though I strongly suspect you’ll eventually buy the orginal Dixit game, just for the extra cards.

Dixit has been around long enough, and has proven fun enough to be written about extensively on Board Game Geek. There’s a treasury of variants and quirky commentaries to further add to your ultimate Dixit delights.

Dixit 2 is at least as Major , FUN-wise, as the original game, and both together should prove to be most party- and family-worthy for quite some time.

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