Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty If it ever occurred to you that there was anything silly about silly putty, Crazy Aaron could very well change your life. He is the creator, designer, manufacturer and general distributor of Thinking Putty, devoting his entire commercial empire to bringing you cans full of the lovely, stretchy, bouncy stuff, each can containing as much as 1/5 of a pound of the stuff (Thinking Putty Creatures contain only 1/8 pound, but that’s still enough, especially when you consider that they come with two very convincing, creature-making eyes).

That’s a whole handful, enough for even a grownup to take seriously, which, if you’re the kind of grownup in the need of something to help you with your hand exercises you, in fact, can take quite seriously. And it’s not just the quantity that makes you think. It’s the color (though the Crystal Clears variety is almost colorless), the glow-in-the-darkness, the color-changingness, the magneticness, the apparently inexhaustible inventivenessness of the moldable, foldable, stretchable denizens of Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld. There’s even Super Magnetic Thinking Putty (super magnet included) and Heat Sensitive and the light sensitive Phantoms (that come with a miniature black-light-on-a-keychain).

We tested a bunch of the stuff, discovering that each slight variation took you to a slightly different sphere of fun. Magnetic and heat-sensitive makes you want to experiment. That magnetic stuff is so weird – first it gets magnetized, and then it isn’t. How could that happen? Glow-in-the-darks make you want to hang out in closets with your friends. Phantoms make you want to draw and maybe even go outside. Super Illusions made you want to play with light. And it’s so, well, beautiful.

We kept on thinking we had found our favorite, but, in the end, discovered that each offered its own distinct delights.

Clearly, Crazy Aaron’s putty is beyond silly. It’s magic. It’s scientific. It’s therapeutic. Crazy Aaron takes putty to places its never been before. And so, probably, will you. Fun? Majorly!

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