Feel free to contact me (Stephen Conway aka Major Fun) via email:

If you are interested in submitting games for consideration for the Major Fun Award, please read our submission/review policies here.

Games for consideration should be sent to:

Stephen Conway (Major Fun)

1721 Marian Dr.

Indianapolis, IN 46240

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  1. Hello Stephen,
    Congratulations on taking over the ‘Major Fun’ job that Bernie had. He was fun to communicate with and an inspiration as we were starting our game business.
    We have an new title and a vastly improved and expanded version of an existing one that I am sending in to you to look over.
    Please look for ‘The Bears and the Bees’ and ‘Skull King, Legendary Expansion’ soon.
    Please call with any questions.

    Brent Beck (Grandpa Beck) of Grandpa Beck’s Games

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