The people who’ve developed Chuckers like to call it a “family tossing game.”

By “tossing game” they mean a game that involves, well, tossing things, as does, for example, horseshoes, and a variety of bean bag and target games, and of course washer toss, a game called, strangely enough, “cornhole,” and most relevantly perhaps that quoits game where you throw rings around pegs.

So, in a way, if you know any one of these games, you’ll know how to play Chuckers. In another way, because it combines different aspects of traditional games to result in a completely different, and, arguably, a far more majorly fun game – because it’s a family game.

By “family” they mean a game that can be played by just about anybody – especially if you’re kinda loose about the rules. Which you can be, easily. Because the game is almost self-explanatory. Because the game is so well made.

And because the game is as much luck as it is skill. Very interesting – how combining luck and skill, in just the right manner, so that you really half believe that you can master the thing, learn the right control, the precision positioning of finger and ring and foot and eye, while at the same time, you half know that it’s really luck, not skill – sheer luck that your ring thing landed around the farthest peg or into the farthest target or wound up leaning on a peg, giving you exactly 21 points! Just enough luck so that anyone, regardless of skill, can win. Even you.

The rings you toss are made of rubber and steel. They’ve got, what you’d call, “heft.” The things you toss them into are, however, way heftier. Thick, sturdy, and yes, what you could only call “industrial strength” plastic. They are connected by a rope which is exactly as long as the recommended distance between the two targets. It’s a game you can leave out for a while, at a family party, in a playground, a park, a classroom…

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