Changing of the Guard

A field promotion often means one of two things:

1) The officer who held the rank you now fill was killed, and you are being sent to the very same, patently dangerous place OR…

2) The higher ups have discovered a new and incredibly unpleasant problem for which they need someone flush with the glow of a promotion.

As the newly minted Major Fun I say, “Bring it on!! There’s fun to be had!!”

I knew I found a bright soul when Bernie DeKoven invited me over for that first games tasting. He has been a great friend and mentor. I appreciate the opportunity he gave me to sample from the vast universe of games that come to our table. I have been honored to write for the Major Fun Awards. I will post more about myself (as well as several Major Fun game reviews) in the next week.

I have a lot to learn and a big presence to fill. Hope I serve you well.

Will Bain (Major Fun)

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