Thunder Road: Vendetta

Release: 9/29/23   | Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

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This road is freedom. This road is escape. But only for one. For the rest it is ruin!

There are no rest stops. Hard charging waves of mayhem and destruction push you ever-forward, never sure what lies beyond the horizon.  You must keep rolling.

This road calls to you – its voice, the sound of furious thunder.

Thunder Road: Vendetta is a reboot of a beloved roll and move car crashing game from the 1980s. Each player starts with 3 vehicles and a chopper. Who will survive this perilous race down Route Sixty Styx?

Thunder Road: Vendetta

Designers: Dave Chalker, Brett Myers

Additional Design/Development: Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin Jacobson, Jim Keifer, Brian Neff

Artist: Marie Bergeron, Garrett Kaida

Publisher: Restoration Games | BGG Entry

2-4 players  1 hour ages 10+  MSRP $60

Time to teach/learn:  3-4 minutes

Full show notes on all the segments are available at The Spiel.

Music credits include:

Blood Bag  | Junkie XL | the song

The Ballad of Thunder Road | Tennessee Mafia Jug Band | the song

Skinny Love | Vitamin String Quartet | the song

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