Catch the Match

Catch the Match, one in the series of Bright Idea games from Playroom Entertainment – a series we have already determined to be Major Fun Award-worthy.

After several years of playing this game with kids, exploring variations (try it with three cards, no, four at the same time), it is with significant satisfaction that we add a Keeper award to it’s award-worthy status.

It is an elegant little game – easy to understand, and somewhat magical (I understand there’s a mathematical explanation for why it works) in that no matter which combination of cards you select, there’s always something that matches. So the game can go on and on, or stop whenever you want. You can play it as competitively or as cooperatively as you want. Timed or not. With two or maybe even eight players. There are only 15 large cards on thick card stock. And even if you lose a few, it still is fun. Something close to the ideal in what we should expect from a well-designed children’s game.

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