Bruce Williamson – Certifying the right to play

This is a picture of Bruce Williamson, at 2 years of age, on his way to becoming author of The Certificate of the Right to Play. With this certificate, you, too, can become “A lifetime member in good standing of the Society of Childlike Grownups.” It is a delightful thing, this significantly silly certificate, demonstrating a keen, honest, heartfelt understanding of what it should mean to be a grown-up.

It comes from a fellow named Bruce Williamson, whose remarkably mature understanding of the nature of childlike grownuphood is reflected with clarity and a certain hard-won innocence on his Society of Childlike Grownups chock-full-of-resources website. Devoted to teaching us how to become Childlike Grownups, the Society offers us a spare little website, and yet it presents a rare depth of playful wisdom which is evident just from the titles of its main pages:

Amazed that I hadn’t encountered Bruce before, I called him up, only to discover that we had met at the Games Preserve more than 25 years ago. Though we haven’t crossed paths again until now, Bruce is clearly a fellow traveler, and a gift to all of us who follow the Playful Path.

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