It’s a word game. It’s a board game. It’s the first word/board game I’ve found that makes the best of both. It’s called, “BLURT!.”

As a word game, it’s simple enough. You read a definition. The first player to, um, Blurt! it out, so to speak, wins. This is fun, because the fact that you know what a word means often has little to do with the speed of your Blurt!

As a board game, it’s a race, where you throw the die and move your pawn – a pawn that has the power to send others back. There’s just enough chance to keep everyone guessing.

There’s the “Showdown,” or, as we called it, “Blurt-Off,” when you land on somebody else and have to compete head to head for first correct Blurt! Failure sends you back – depending on the roll of the die.

And then there’s the “Takeover.” Land on a square that is the same color as your pawn and jump on anybody else, no matter how far down the track they are. Then comes the Blurt-Off, and the risk of being sent all the way back to the Takeover square.

The board game balances the challenge of the word game beautifully, creating an exciting social dynamic where everyone is involved and anyone can win, up until the very last play.

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