BackRound (no, I didn’t misspell it. It’s not Background. It’s BackRound) is another Major FUN Award-winning wordgame from the Coodju people.

Let’s start with an example. If someone said “led-nack” to you, offering you the hint “don’t burn out on this word,” what would you answer. Why, obviously, “candle.” Let’s continue with another example. How about “top-eat,” which, says the hint, “Blows its lid”? But of course, “teapot.” Think you’ve got it? How about “ode-dees-cut?” Want a hint? “Formally speaking, you should have this.”

A BackRound, the designers explain, is “a word pronounced backwards.” Notice the emphasis. It’s pretty much central to what makes this game so fascinatingly fun. Yeah, it’s about backwards words. But not about the spelling. And all about the pronounciation.

There are 80 cards, each with 4 different puzzles (which makes for, count’em, 320 total). You need at least two people, so one can be the Reader. You can play with more. Many, many more. You can divide them into teams. You can play every-one-for-him/her-self. Scoring is easy. You solve it, you get the card. You have the most cards at the end of the game, you win.

Then there’s the not-actually-obligatory timer, which you can use to add more tension, when more tension is needed. Which, in our case, given our collective obstinance, wasn’t.

And there’s even a cloth carry-this-game-everywhere bag, which, once you play it, you’re more than likely to do.

Should you need further snish-kurt-sni, you’ll find them clearly posted on their ties-behw.

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