Alfredo’s Food Fight

You’re probably going to think that Alfred’s Food Fight is a perfectly silly game. Which, especially if you happen to be between the ages of let’s say 6 and 12, is exactly what’s going to make it one of your very favorites.

Chef Alfredo stands on top of a batery-powered, turning spaghetti base. He holds two velco-covered pizza pans, and wears a velcro-covered apron and hat. Players (up to 4) use their spring-action forks to fling spaghetti-yarn-streaming meat balls, hoping to make them stick somewhere on Alfredo’s ample velcro coverings.

And that’s the game. Simple. Exciting. Silly. Safe (the meatballs are soft enough so that if you accidentally get flung upon it can’t hurt), Major FUN – especially for kids. Sure, sure, you can change the rules. You can score extra points, if you want, for sticking on the pizza pans, or something. You can make it easier – get closer to Alfredo – and in the same way, make it more difficult, moving further away. But the real point is: it’s silly, it’s fun, and, with enough patient fork-flipping, you can get very good at it.

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