A Lesson in Game Design from the creator of Triagonal

I recently received an email from David Barnes, inventor of the Major FUN award-winning Triagonal, telling me about his new, free compilation of 40 different puzzles to explore with your Triagonal set.

With these puzzles, David offers more than a challenging and fascinating resource. He exemplifies a lesson for anyone who is contemplating designing a game: if you hope to make a successful game, you have to create a game that you are in love with.

Love? To what else can you attribute the years Dave has spent exploring the depths this one game concept, the almost heroic effort Dave has been putting in, not only in manufacturing and marketing his game concept, but to a deepening exploration of all things Triagonal (in addition to these puzzles, he’s developed at least 12 different games to play with your Triagonal set)?

Everything about the game reflects his passion and devotion and faith in this one invention of his. Understandably so. Because he has created something significantly playworthy. Because, as with anyone who creates something fun, the only logical next step is to devote much of your life to sharing it with, basically, the known universe.

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