Rory’s Story Cubes – Mix and Max

As you no doubt know, Rory’s Story Cubes® has achieved that most coveted of all Major Fun awards, the Major Fun Keeper! In their ceaseless attempts to make a good thing better, Gamewright has recently introduced what they are calling the Story Cubes Mix: small sets of three cubes each, each with their own theme. Currently, there are: Clues (mystery detective images), Prehistoria (dinosaurs and… Read more »

Rory’s Story Cubes®: Actions

We have already greeted Rory’s Story Cubes with appreciation and enthusiasm. This elegantly designed Major Fun award-winning set of nine story-building dice has found happy welcome in classrooms and restaurants, libraries and living rooms. The evocative images on the faces of each die, the simple rules, the sturdy little box with the magnetic closure – all work so beautifully together to invite… Read more »

Rory’s Story Cubes is a Keeper!

As you no doubt know, Rory’s Story Cubes has proven itself to be the kind of game the Major Fun award is here to let you know about. It’s easy to learn, engaging, it brings people together, encourages people to think and laugh together, it involves creativity and communication, empathy and collaboration.  It’s easy to store, easy to take everywhere,… Read more »

Award Winners

Listed below (by year) are past winners of the Major Fun Award! We’ve been at it for 19 years online (and many more before that), so there’s a tidal wave of fun waiting for you here… over 625 games! We play hundreds and hundreds of games each year but only a few are selected for this honor. You’ll notice a… Read more »

The Storymatic

We have the tendency to think of creativity as an expression of freedom and as such we tend to believe that it requires unlimited choice—maybe even anarchy—to fully bloom. In movies we often see the artistic protagonist stifled by too many rules. In these stories the authority figures and the rules become the villains to be overcome so that creativity… Read more »

The Extraordinaires Design Studio

The Extraordinaires Design Studio comes to us from Anita Murphy and Rory O’Conner, creators of Rory’s Story Cubes. In both design and execution it reflects the depth of  their understanding of and appreciation for the fun of the creative process. What the Story Cubes did to invite children to channel their imagination and develop their skills at story telling, the Extroardinaires Design Studio… Read more »

games for writers

In her article Games (click to see PDF), to be published in the May 2013 issue of Writer Magazine, author Karen M Rider describes how simple story-telling games can become powerful tools for writers. She explains: As authoring tools, games encourage players to write stories and design new worlds. Storytelling games provide deeper understanding of language, the world we live in and ourselves. They unleash freedom… Read more »

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