Mole Rats in Space

Release: 8/15/2017    Download:  Enhanced  | MP3 Run Time: 38 min    Subscribe:  Enhanced  | MP3 | RSS It might come as a suprise to learn that mole rats make perfect astronauts. Or maybe we should call them ratstronauts? Their skin can’t feel pain. They can lower their metabolism and breathing. They’re resistant to cancer and can even survive without oxygen for a… Read more »

GenCon 2014 – Trade Day Thanks

A quick shout out to those I talked to on Trade Day. It was great to meet you. Thanks for sharing your ideas and games and time with me. Kathleen Mercury ( great session on teaching game design to middle school students (full semester course in which the students design and build a board game). Rudolf Kraus (Rhode Island College):… Read more »

Count Your Chickens

Count your Chickens is yet another significantly fun cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom. It is the third of their cooperative games earning a Major Fun award (see Stone Soup and Hoot Owl Hoot). Like all of the five games currently in this collection, it is sensitively designed – sensitive to the environmental costs of producing a boxed game, sensitive to the way… Read more »

Stone Soup

You know the card game “concentration“? Of course you do. It’s that game where you turn all the cards face-down and then try to find matches. There’s got to be at least a hundred versions, mostly for kids, often for purported purposes, such as: memory training, image recognition, sight recognition, and on, and, of course, on. Stone Soup is yet… Read more »

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