Pajaggle is a Keeper

Remember the kids’ game called Perfection? That, in a very far-fetched way, is Pajaggle. Only not. Pajaggle is far more fetching. And it’s not just for kids. It is a precision made, laser-cut, acrylic puzzle/game. The pieces look a little like gears – very fine-toothed gears, some round-toothed, some very, very pointy. Some larger, some smaller, some with other pieces inside…. Read more »

Top Ten for Eleven

Turns out to have been another great year for great games. Here’s our favorites: Reverse Charades plays like the traditional game of charades but instead of one person acting and the rest of the team guessing, one person is guessing while the rest of the team is performing. That’s it. Team act. Individual guess. Reverse Charades.  In Reverse Charades, no one is… Read more »

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