2023 Meeple Crown Winner!

Release: 12/19/23   | Download:  Enhanced  | MP3

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In our season finale, two award winning games earn our Meeple Crown for 2023. These games embody the essence of Major Fun and our Spiel of Approval. Congratulations to Votes for Women and Thunder Road: Vendetta!

Thunder Road: Vendetta

Designers: Dave Chalker, Brett Myers

Additional Design/Development: Noah Cohen, Rob Daviau, Justin Jacobson, Jim Keifer, Brian Neff

Artist: Marie Bergeron, Garrett Kaida

Publisher: Restoration Games | BGG Entry

2-4 players  1 hour ages 10+  MSRP $60

Time to teach/learn:  3-4 minutes

Full show notes on all the segments are available at The Spiel.

Interstitial music credits include:

Dead Center  | Clear Ocean | the song

Striving Toward Success | Philip Ayers | the song

Cool Out | Keyframe Audio | the song

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Currently serving as Major Fun. I'm also a writer, filmmaker, game designer, podcaster, and host of The Spiel (http://www.thespiel.net)

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