10 Days in the Americas

The Ten Days… series continues. You’ve been through Africa and Asia and Europe. Now it’s time for some island hopping in the Caribbean, South American cruises, and flights that zigzag across the equator.

The game mechanics for 10 Days in the Americas haven’t changed much but there is a new twist. Cruise ships have been added which allow very long connections through the major ocean regions. You can string together more than one ocean liner so that circumnavigating the continents opens up a very wide variety of destinations. But much of the game is familiar. Gather and arrange your country tiles so that you can progress from one location to another over the course of ten days. Plan your strategy and then see how Lady Fortune makes hash of your itinerary.

If Out of the Box keeps putting out expansions to the series, we will soon be able to make a more literary adventure when we play Around the World in 80 Days

Wherever you spend your ten days with Out of the Box, it’s Major Fun.

10 Days in the Americas was designed by Alan R. Moon and Aaron Weisblum. Illustration and graphic design by John Kovalic and Cathleen Quinn-Kinney. © 2010 Out of the Box Publishing Inc.

Will Bain, Games Taster

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