Zip Zap

Word of warning: Zip Zap is not for those with sensitive fingers or a weak heart. Also not for those with weak fingers or a sensitive heart. When you get right down to it, fingers are essential but having a heart is probably more of an impediment than an advantage. The slapping of your hands will drive blood through the rest of your body.

Gamewright’s Zip Zap is a game of speed. Your mission is to get rid of your cards before your opponents get rid of theirs. Your cards come in five suits (red, green, blue, yellow, and wild) numbered 1 – 10 plus a Zap! Card.

To start, cards are dealt to the players and one is turned up in the middle of the table. Players then play their cards sequentially on top of the middle card as fast as they are able. For example, if a red 4 is face up in the middle of the table, players may play a red 5 or a wild 5. If a wild card is played then the next number can be any color. Keep in mind that everyone is playing as fast as they can. There are no turns. Collisions are imminent.

But the frenzy must pause in certain situations. When a player puts down a 10, the melee pauses and that player gets to put down a card of his or her choice. Once the second card is played, everyone can join in again. The Zap! Card works the same way. Everyone has one Zap! Card that acts as a super wild. You may play it immediately after you play another card on the deck—thus you may not play the Zap! Card unless you have just played another card. When the Zap! is played that player gets to put down one more card and then the game resumes.

When a player discards their last card, the round is over and points tallied. Unplayed cards count against you. Each regular card counts as one point, each wild card counts as 3 points, and the Zap! card counts as 5 points. Play a number of rounds equal to the number of players. Lowest score wins.

Rounds go quickly but have just enough pauses to allow even the slowest players a good chance to get some cards out of their hands. The Zap! card is a great way for players of any speed to take some control of the game; however, those with quick eyes and nimble fingers will often prevail. Rules are short and simple. The cards are bright and clear.

Zip! Zap! Major! Fun!

For 2 – 6 players, ages 6+

Zip Zap game by Brian Weinstock. © 2012 Gamewright

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