When I first wrote about the uses of Tangles in a brainstorming meeting, I called them “don’t worry beads” because I found them to be so wonderfully fingerable. Twisting them endlessly, they occupy the hands and free the mind. When I discovered that Tangles are like Pop-it beads, and can be separated and rejoined into endless patterns and variations, I realized that I had in deed found a toy worthy of individual and collaborative contemplation.

All this is by way of introduction to what I recently discovered to be a world of Tangle Creations. It has evolved into its own franchise of Tangle puzzles and games. For example, there’s a Tangle imprinted with card symbols. Called “Cut the Deck,” it’s imprinted with different card game symbols. As you twist the Tangle into different configurations, you can align different combinations of cards. It’s a fascinating story of play and invention -a story well-worth reading.

For those who prefer elegance to pop-it-ability, there’s the Museum Size Tangle Chrome – all metal, smooth-turning, manifesting pure executive-worthiness, as well as the smaller, small size chrome Tangle for the junior, or more manifestly frugal executive.

More than a toy, Tangle, at least according to its promoters, is a tool for world peace! Kids tangle. Business people Tangle. Art lovers Tangle. Even therapeutic Tangles!

The inventor, Richard Zawitz, has developed Tangles into an innovative, and remarkably creative industry, reflecting his equally remarkable, and industrious playfulness. Here‘s more about him, his invention, and his art.

As a work of art, a toy for all ages, a meditative plaything, and incontrovertible evidence of the power of play, Tangle gets the Major FUN Award.

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