Major Fun Keeper Award

The Major Fun Keeper award is given to games that have already received a Major Fun award.

Publishers of games that are candidates for the Keeper award are asked to send enough copies to let our tasters play the game, not only together, but also in their homes, with friends, family, kids, or wherever they want to play. After they’ve had enough opportunity to explore the game, personally, in depth, we meet, compare notes, and, if the consensus is that the game really is a Keeper, it receives our award.

We take this award seriously, so you can, too.

What, you ask, do we mean when we say “Keeper”?

Some games you loan out. Some games you give away. Some games you hold on to. For a very long time. You hold on to them, not so much because you are such a master at them, but much more because there just keep on proving to be fun, almost every time you take them out, with almost everyone with whom you like to play. Some are also toys. A few are game you play on an iPad or -Pod or -Phone or maybe on a computer.

All of these are games that you can play again and again, whenever the time is right and the mood is right. Because there are so many different times and different moods, the games you hold on to the longest are the games that you still like playing, even though the time has changed and the mood has changed. So when you feel like keeping score, you do. And when you feel like playing just for the fun of it, you do. And when you feel like making up a different way to play together, you can, and you do.

Here’s the list of of our Keepers.

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