Like most great diseases, the game Zombiepox has had a period of incubation and mutation. The genetic material for the game germinated in Pox: Save the People. According to Tilfactor’s website, Pox was designed as an educational game in coordination with the Mascoma Valley Health Initiative in order to counter misinformation about vaccines. I had the opportunity to play Pox… Read more »

Award Winners

Listed below (by year) are past winners of the Major Fun Award! We’ve been at it for 17 years online (and many more before that), so there’s a tidal wave of fun waiting for you here… over 600 games! We play hundreds and hundreds of games each year but only a few are selected for this honor. You’ll notice a… Read more »

Top 12 for 2012

We don’t recommend a game unless we think it’s a good investment that pays off in significant fun. Nevertheless, some games seem a little more Major than others. And, once again, as we do every year, here’s the 2012 selection of the Majorer: Party Games Jungle Speed Ravin Rabbids is essentially a fast-paced matching game. Cards are evenly dealt to all… Read more »

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