Award Winners

Listed below (by year) are past winners of the Major Fun Award! We’ve been at it for 19 years online (and many more before that), so there’s a tidal wave of fun waiting for you here… over 625 games! We play hundreds and hundreds of games each year but only a few are selected for this honor. You’ll notice a… Read more »


Blurble is a game like Anomia that gets a lot of laughs and game-play-mileage out of making you sound stupid. You aren’t stupid. I know this because you are reading this web post. You also demonstrate great taste and a fine appreciation for the playful side of life. And in that last regard, Blurble is the game for you. Just… Read more »


And now, from the makers of the Major Fun award-winning Anomia, we have Duple, a party game, using game play that is similar in many significant aspects to the aforementioned Major Fun award-winning Anomia, but different in a non-categorized, word-finding, vocabulary-searching kid of way – a difference of profound enough significance to make Duple a game that deserves its own review, as if… Read more »

Top Ten for Eleven

Turns out to have been another great year for great games. Here’s our favorites: Reverse Charades plays like the traditional game of charades but instead of one person acting and the rest of the team guessing, one person is guessing while the rest of the team is performing. That’s it. Team act. Individual guess. Reverse Charades.  In Reverse Charades, no one is… Read more »

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