Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon can be a very scary game – especially if you follow the recommendations and change a rule or two. As you can see, there’s a castle-mountain-looking thing which is actually (gasp) a volcano! And there, perched on the top, a comparatively giant (double gasp) dragon! And should you, teeny tiny micro-fig that you are (to get a sense… Read more »

Award Winners

Listed below (by year) are past winners of the Major Fun Award! We’ve been at it for 17 years online (and many more before that), so there’s a tidal wave of fun waiting for you here… over 600 games! We play hundreds and hundreds of games each year but only a few are selected for this honor. You’ll notice a… Read more »


Gamers’ Games are Major Fun for the more experienced gamer. For one reason or another, these games are a bit more difficult or require a greater time investment than the games we generally award BUT we feel that they are well worth the effort. Matter accomplishes what many believed to be impossible. Through some thaumaturgical process, the alchemists at Simply… Read more »

Top Ten for Eleven

Turns out to have been another great year for great games. Here’s our favorites: Reverse Charades plays like the traditional game of charades but instead of one person acting and the rest of the team guessing, one person is guessing while the rest of the team is performing. That’s it. Team act. Individual guess. Reverse Charades.  In Reverse Charades, no one is… Read more »


We recently lauded the excellent River Dragons with a Major Fun Award. In order to shake off accusations of excluding our amphibian friends, we offer up our praise of Ponder, a delightful game from Mind Twister in which you race to get your toads from one side of the pond to another. It sounds a lot like River Dragons, but… Read more »


Of course, if you are like us, it takes a while to really set up the game because you are re-enacting scenes from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the bamboo and pretending the wooden game pieces are deadly Linja assassins. First the black Linja infiltrate the palace, then the red Linja neutralize the roof guards, only to discover they’ve been lured into a devious trap…

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