Double Shutter

Blue Orange makes many beautiful games, beautifully made, beautiful to play. Specifically, recently, a game called Fundomino and another, Double Shutter. Both are available in last-forever plastic housed in life-long tins, as well as in an impressive selection of all-woody embodiments. And both are fun – uniquely, ingeniously, play-again-worthy fun. Both are based on games of time-tested appeal. Fundomino is… Read more »

Award Winners

Listed below (by year) are past winners of the Major Fun Award! We’ve been at it for 17 years online (and many more before that), so there’s a tidal wave of fun waiting for you here… over 600 games! We play hundreds and hundreds of games each year but only a few are selected for this honor. You’ll notice a… Read more »

Plexi Puzzles

There are currently three Plexi Puzzles offered by Brainwright. They are beautifully made acrylic puzzles, all designed by Kate Jones (an exceptionally devoted designer and producer of truly elegant, and often profoundly puzzling puzzles). They are as much works of art as they are invitations to play. Each of the three is as major in the fun it offers, each in a different… Read more »

Tylz engages your spatial, perceptual and strategic skills – and it’s fun, too

Tylz, as a passerby noted, looks like some kind of Scrabble® game played with colors instead of letters. There are racks to hold your tiles and a large, lovely, unfolding board, with special double-scoring squares marked with stars, even. But, my friends, Scrabble it is most definitely not. You could compare it to dominoes, if your dominoes had colors instead… Read more »

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