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Hall of Kid's Game Fame

Bright Idea Games are designed for kids. They're maybe not complex enough for us grownups. But if the kids are having fun, well, then, they're fun enough. (review) You know the classic trading game Pit?...Hold on to that thought. And while you're holding on, do you by any chance remember that equally classic card game called "Spoons"?(review)

Knock Out is the second game from the Muggins people to get a Major Fun award. It's value, at least for adults, lies in the learning opportunities the game provides. And, even more importantly, it's fun. (review)

They call Muggins "aerobics for the mind." But that's no reason for you to think of Muggins as anything other than pure fun. (review)

Speedy Eddy is just enough like Chutes and Ladders so that you almost don't have to learn anything at all in order to play it....As we have come to expect of games made by Blue Orange, Speedy Eddy is what you might easily call "lovely." Made of wood, intricately illustrated and carefully themed. In this case, we have a game about racing snails, so the board is a snail-likishly spiral race track, the pieces look like snails and shells, even the pips on the big wooden dice look like snails. (review) Match of the Penguins (no, not MARCH, MATCH, get it, MATCH) is a lot more fun than it sounds like. And, for kids who've seen or heard of the movie "March of the Penguins," the game already sounds like fun. (review)
It was more than two years ago when a game called "Gobblet" became the first strategy game to get a Major FUN Award. Now, it's Gobblet, Jr., a simpler version of Gobblet where the goal is to get three-, instead of four-in-a-row. (review) Zeus on the Loose is quite solidly based on everything that makes the kids' card game 99 fun to play. And, quite like the Major FUN-awarded game Straw, it makes a good game, better. (review)

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